Dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters, Dazhboh’s grandchildren!

In difficult times for our people we have to meet the new 7530 year. A large-scale war, which has been going on in various forms for more than three centuries, has returned to our homeland, a war that has been renewed this time by the mad dictator of Muscoviya, Putin.

On February 24, 2022, Ukrainians woke up from terrible explosions. Russian troops launched missile strikes on many Ukrainian cities. The Russian occupiers invaded Ukraine along the entire perimeter of the state border, from the south, east and north.

However, the «blitzkrieg», with which the newest «Fuhrer» hoped to bring Ukraine to its knees, has failed. Because the enemy was met by the strong Armed Forces of Ukraine, fighters of territorial defense and Ukrainian volunteer battalions. The battles for Ukrainian settlements are difficult. The enemy is furious, often resorting to war crimes, firing missiles at civilians, killing mothers and children. Because of his manic idea of restoring the Soviet empire, Putin decided to drown the Ukrainian people in blood.

But Ukraine stands, repelling one enemy attack after another, stands for its freedom and independence, saving the whole of Europe from the «rascists». Among the defenders of Ukraine side by side with the representatives of other religions are our native believers. At this time, the quality of people, the quality of friends, the quality of the world is being tested. We thank those countries that help Ukraine with the armament of our Army, send significant humanitarian aid. We thank our European and Indian brethren for their prayerful support and willingness to help. Their names, for obvious reasons, will be called after the war. Now we can name the countries whose native believers have shown their solidarity with us: Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, India, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, as well as the European Congress of Ethnic Religions.

New Year 7530 comes after the birth of the first spring New Moon, and it is on March 3. Celebrating this new year, let’s honor the Heroes who died defending our native Ukraine. Their bright Souls help us in Heaven as well: Perun’s celestial Regiment beats the enemy with the help of higher Forces. We are convinced that they continue contributing to the Victory of Good and Light over evil and darkness.

Glory to the native Gods! Glory to Ukraine! We will win!

Chairman of the Association of Native Believers of Ukraine,
Volkhvynia Zoreslava / Halyna Lozko